About Us

Redemption deliver a fusion of original Funk, Latin and Jazz Rock music.

 The Quartet is......

Jim Hall            Piano / Keyboards 
Keith Tulip       The Basses
Martin Wake     Drums / Percussion
John Hall          Saxophones  (Tenor/Alto/Soprano)


Jim's Latin influence comes from Hilton Ruiz the Afro Cuban  jazz pianist who was born in New York. After seeing Hilton ‘live’ at Ronnie Scott’s club in the early nineties he decided from that moment on jazz, especially “in your face” Latin jazz, was the way forward for him. Jim has had a varied musical career playing both trumpet and piano. There are some interesting facts about Jim's past on Ready Steady Gone,.


Keith’s  musical experiences have been both varied  and incredibly busy playing everything from Rock ‘n’ Roll, Blues, Rock and Pop, Jazz, Bluegrass, Country. Common sense prevailed to the point where the difficult decision was made to curtail the frenzy and focus on just a couple of his lifetime musical passions folk and Jazz.

The Basses are;

"Ophelia" Double Bass - Stentor Instruments

"El Capitan" Acoustic 4-string bass - Epiphone

"The Giraffe" Electric 6-string bass - Dr Bass Custom

"The PJ" Electric 4-string Bass - Dr Bass Custom

"The Mutt" Electric 4-string Fretless Bass -                                                                            

Dr Stu Burns Custom

Strings by;

Thomastic (Spiracore and Flats) / De Darrio Phospher B's and Half-rounds/ La Bella Super Steps (on the 6)

Amplification by Mark Bass

Speakers by Electro-Voice

"We do it because we love it"

Martin's  musical influences range across most musical styles. From his piano lessons he was inspired to take up the drums by a picture in the Argos catalogue (!!). He soon shifted his focus to “shed building” and has played with many different bands across various musical genres over the years. Early drumming influences include Manu Katche,Gary Husband, Vinnie Colaiuta and Ringo. Redemption's jazz funk  style both exciting and inspiring.


John's musical influences are varied.  Within the Jazz world they include John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Herbie Hancock and the Brecker Brothers. Jazz has been a life long passion and Redemption has provided the opportunity to write and perform music with other like minded musicians. Playing straight ahead Latin and funk jazz has enabled John  to progress both musically and instrumentally. Redemption  is upon us, you can also see John in the Blues band  Raw Spirit.


Tenor sax - Selmer 80 Super Action - Serie 2
Alto sax - Selmer mark VI
Soprano sax - Borgani
Tenor sax - Guardala Crescent / James Morgan
Alto sax - Meyer medium chamber / Lawton 6 Star B
Soprano sax - Selmer S 80 C
Microphones are:
AKG Bug, Samson Studio Condenser